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Related article: Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 17:20:34 -0800 (PST) From: T. Chase McPhee Subject: Adventures in Nature 15The story below is a work of fiction, set in the format of reality. Any resemblances to real people, alive or in the hereafter, is entirely coincidental in nature. It is not meant to accurately reflect upon persons, in towns, cities, countries, nor governmental areas, which the story is staged. If a sexual scene involving male-to-male relationships offends you, then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age, in most state and countries, you are not allowed to read this story, by law. Check with your local laws regarding such. % Sexual safety matters. Remember guys, this is fiction. In real life, use protection.%"Adventures In Nature" 15 wriTten by T. Chase McPhee%"What do you guys think you're doin?""Oh shit! You scared the hell out of us.... um, officer," Tony replies, his flashlight giving the police officer the once over.Matt reaches over pushing the flashlight to the side, training the beam away from where Tony left it, targeting the cop's crotch."Um, sorry `bout that," Tony said, not really sure the officer took notice of where the beam was pointed, being he gave Tony a funny look as if wondering why the apology.Cutting to the chase, the officer asks, "You boys have some ID on you?""Would our college ID's be okay Officer Dennison?" Matt asks."Whatever you have. By the way, do we know each other?" the cop asks Matt."No," Matt says as Tony and he take their wallets out and fish for their WRCC ID cards. "I saw your name badge when Tony flicked his light on you," the nineteen year old swim jock replied, ending it with a smile.With his left hand trained on the pair, the officer feels for his left pec, patting the little rectangular piece of metal."Here we go, officer," Tony forks his ID over."How did you get so dirty, son?"Before Tony could get the words out, Matt, handing over his college ID, says, "The doofus tripped over a log.""Which brings me back to my original question of why you two are out here in the middle of the night?""Looking for worms," Great Lolitas Bbs Tony blurts out."Worms?" the officer questions, wanting more.Patiently, Officer Dennison stood there in the moonlight taking in Tony's story, saying at the conclusion, "If I didn't have inside information I would probably find your story far-fetched.""Inside information?" Matt questioned, as the cop handed them back their ID's.In a more cheerful state, he replies, "Yes. You see, I happen to be one of those fishing buds Dwayne... I mean your swim coach was referring to and...""What's that?" Matt says, causing them all to be silent."I didn't hear anything," Tony says."There it is again," Matt again tells them, followed by dead silence.Gulping, Tony cautions, "Um, maybe you should get your gun out in case it's a bear?""They wouldn't come this close, with the lights on in the environmental center. Maybe it's some of your team still around, looking for worms?"Matt says, "Nah. They deserted us twenty minutes ago.""Well there's something rustling around in the leaves over there," Officer Dennison tells them.As Matt and Officer Dennison check it out, Tony lets his flashlight beam wander around, landing on the bottom half of the cop's tight uniform pants."Sounds like a dead animal," Matt tells the cop."Could be dangerous.">From behind, Tony watched as Officer Dennison unlatched the leather casing of his gun. He gulped, at the same time noticing how far they've traveled from the environmental center, the secure zone where bears wouldn't dare tread, according to the police officer."Um maybe we should wait back at the environmental center, while you check this out?" Matt suggests.Tony had a field day with Matt's emotions, accusing him of being a woosie. Dropping back behind, Matt used Tony's big swimmers build for a shield."Careful," Dennison cautioned the two, as the moaning sound became louder."You too," Tony replied, now shining his light in the direction of the `live' noise. "Hold it! I think I see something!" Walking a little faster, Tony stomped the ground as he approached something white, his flashlight making the discovery. "It's.... fuck! It's a guys chest!"It wasn't all Tony has seen. Shoving his gun back into it's holster, the police officer rushed towards the only visible part of what looked to be a human form, hidden by a massive amount of green brush.An almost inaudible `help' could Great Lolitas Bbs be heard right before Tony, on Dennison's right, lifted a small bale of green thatch."Shit!" Matt called out, as Tony unearthed the human. "Looks like he's hurt pretty bad."Stunned, the two stood there, looking at the dark hair mussed, mostly dried, but some fresh blood around the victims nose, bruises on his face."See if you can get him untied," came the order from Officer Dennison, already on his communicator to headquarters.It broke their gazes, the two looking for evidence of what Dennison meant by `untying' the dirty, Great Lolitas Bbs obviously beaten body."Careful, Tony," the cop suggests, as Tony and Matt try untying the mass of knots and rope, tied around wrists and ankles, all gathered at one point, behind the victims back."What kind of an asshole would do something like this?" Tony questions nobody in particular."Shit! Look at this, Tony," Matt said, pointing out the welts across the victims back, as they untie his arms, separating them."Damn," Tony replies, shining his light on the guy's shoulder blades.Interrupting, the thirty-two year old officer tells them, "Help is on the way. Let's see what we've got here."Matt tells him, "Looks like he took a beating, Pat."Tony also noticed where Matt got the name, a closer look at the gold-toned badge."We've got to be careful. We don't know the extent of his beating. Could be there are internal injuries," Patrick informed the two. Watching Tony, winding up the rope in a bundle, he said, "Try to handle that as least as possible.""This?" Tony asks, holding the rope up."Right. We'll pass it on to forensics. It's possible the rope could fill in some clues of what happened to this young man.""Looks like there's a wallet in his pocket," Matt comments of the back pocket of the jeans.As Patrick removed the wallet, the three rose, hearing the sounds of sirens."Ambulance is on it's way," Tony says, seeing flashing lights begin to filter through the trees.Shining his flashlight on the wallet, Patrick removes credit cards and a college identification card, saying, "Kevin R. Letterli, a student at WRCC. Either of you know this guy?"Both Matt and Tony acknowledge in the negative."Do me a favor," Patrick asks, "one of you go and lead the paramedics back this way?"As Tony watches, Patrick goes to roll Kevin over on his back. Tony catches him with his words, "Um, his back is pretty messed up. Sure you want to expose it to all this dirt and stuff?"Kneeling down, the cop using his two thighs, rolling Kevin backwards, cupping his hand around his head. "Here," he tells Tony, "look to see if there's somebody we can contact."Taking the wallet, Tony trains his light on it, shortly reporting, "There's a card from Barr's & Bridges, with a Thomas R. Letterli written on it. Maybe it's his dad?"Before Patrick could answer, medical personnel hauled a stretcher towards them, two other men toting orange cases of medical paraphenalia."What do we have here, Pat?" A chubby paramedic asks.With two of his fellow officers standing there, Patrick surrendered Kevin over to the paramedics, standing up next to Tony. In the middle of rattling off the few details he knew, Patrick turns to Tony, saying, "Thanks," retrieving the wallet and information already discovered. "Tony here found this card. Possibly one of his parents." Next to one of the cops, the other looking over Kevin, Patrick introduces the plainsclothed guy, "Tony, this is Detective Crew."When Tony shook the dectectives hand, he felt more than a cordial introduction, highlighted by his words, "It's uh, really good to know you, officer."Staring directly into Tony's eyes, Crew Great Lolitas Bbs informed him, "I'm not a policeman. Um," finally unlatching their hands, "you can call me Josh."With a tiny smile, Tony replies, "Tony here.""So Officer Dennison has informed us all.""Oh. Sorry," Tony apologized for the repeat info."No problem," Dectective Crew told him, as he got out his little pad and pen.Tony let his smile linger on account of his loins tingling, fully knowing Detective Crew was checking out his physique, for more than the reason he was called to the environmental center.Breaking off the little tete-a-tete, Detective Crew walks over to where Officer Dennison is talking with some other officers."Cute, huh?" Matt questions Tony.Tony inquires, "Which one?""Blondie?""I know the light's not too good, but I'd say Patrick is strawberry blonde?""Really?" Matt replies, out of reaction, shining his flashlight to the police officer's head."Matthew you doofus!" Tony bawls him out, giving his arm a `karate chop'."Owwwch! Dammit, Great Lolitas Bbs Tony!" Matt busts him back, as the flashlight hits the ground.Standing there, Matt quickly forgot about his aching arm, Tony as well, erasing the lighthouse image, both flaunting toothy grins as the small circle of assorted lawmen turn to gaze at the two loudmouths.Matt offers, "Uh, dropped my flashlight.""Um, yeah," Tony agrees, picking it up, hitting the side the side of it, trying to make it lightup once again. "I think it needs new batteries."As the `law' turned back to their discussion, Matt steals back his flashlight, accusing, "Your big damn arm went and busted it!""Big deal, Matthew. I've buy you another one. Happy?"Probably not as happy as Tony, his attention keyed on either one of the two crime professionals, still chatting away."The strawberry blond's mine, so don't get any ideas, Ton.""You don't even know if he's guy. Even if he is, Patrick's gotta be at least twice your age, Matthew.""So? What difference does that make?""None I guess," Tony replies, adding, "especially since he's got a big one to suck down.""Oh, so you were intentionally checking out his dick?""No Matt-my-boy. `That' was an accident. However, I did think he was feeling something for us.""Us, Ton?""Well sure. Patrick `did' address the two of us.""Yeah, but he was looking at me the whole time he talked," Matt claimed.Frankly, Tony informed Matt, "Doesn't matter. Older guys don't turn me on anyway."As the two stood there, a man comes stepping carefully, but at a fast pace towards the enclave of lawmen and two college jocks."Hey! Who the fuck is in charge here? You--" the beefy guy points a finger towards Officer Dennison, "are you the one who called me?"Looking him up and down, Detective Crew asks, "Are you the victims father?""Father? I'm only twenty-seven years old! Do I look like his old man?" Tom scolded the two, mainly Patrick, since he still barked in his face.Cool as a cucumber, Patrick puts a hand on Tom's shoulder, saying to Josh Crew, "I can handle this," then switching directions, introduces himself, "Officer Dennison, Mr. Letterli.""That's nice, but mind telling me why I can't get into the fuckin' ambulance to ride with my own brother to the hospital?""Come on. I'll see what I can do," Patrick replied to Tom, a hand on his shoulder to comfort, as the two walked off the brighter lumination, in front of the nature center."Oh well. It was nice while it lasted," Matt says to Tony."You were serious," Tony guessed."About?""Checking out Patrick?"Shrugging his shoulders, Matt says, "I dunno. I think he's cute."A snap of a twig alerts the two swim jocks of approaching company."So you boys care to give me a statement over a cup of coffee?"Matt's attention became divided between Patick in the distance and Detective Crew, standing directly in front of them. However, Tony focused on only one."Sure..." Tony instantly replied, smiling. "...we can," he nudged Matt, "right Matthew?""I'd like to, but I kind of have a paper to finish for psych class," Matt replies.With a slight turning up of his lips, Detective Crew states, "I suppose I could collect your statements tomorrow."However, Tony butts in with, "Um, I think you better get mine while it's fresh in my mind. I have a tendency to forget things, if put off. I'm really terrible on exams." Elbowing Matt, Tony continues, "Right Matthew?""Um yeah. That's right Ton," Matt goes along with the con, well knowing Tony is not all brawn and looks."In that case I better take your statement now."As they followed Detective Crew, Tony swatted Matt's hand away from his crotch when he decided to test Tony's emotional status.%"What?" Christian asked, looking up from Justin's pubes, after being diverted from licking his cock."It's bothering you, isn't it?""What is?" Christian asks, even though he knows what Justin means."Me going off to the other side of the world and leaving you here to fend for yourself for two months?""No.. I mean... Um, I'm not sure.""You don't fool me, Chris," Justin tells him, as his lover lays there, arms under his thighs, in the oral position."What do you mean?"Taking it to extremes, like describing a porn scene, Justin tells him, "It's been like twenty minutes since you started working my cock over with your tongue?""So?""Nothing, other than for the past year since we met you've always followed a routine?""Routine? I haven't noticed any routine," Christian tried swaying him."Well I've noticed. You always start with licking my cock, then you slide down and take on my balls, followed by painting a line to my ass, giving me a hot rim job and then retracing your steps, ending with a hot blowjob?""You're making me hard just by explaining it, Jus.""Really?" Justin questions, sitting up, reaching under Christian, coming up with, "rather soft I'd say. So?"Smirking, Christian disconnects his arms from being intertwined with Justin's legs, gets up on his knees, then flops down in the bed beside him.When nothing is heard except a deep exhale, Justin questions, "So?"With hands pinned behind his head, Christian says, "I couldn't get it out of my mind all day. About quitting time, Michael asked me what was bugging me.""Did you tell him?""I figured it was my business. But you don't know Michael. It's like he would hold me hostage until I broke down and told him, so I did.""What'd he say?""The obvious of course. He said to take the time off and go. He figured with Marty being there things would be fine.""Marty?""Yeah. Son of a guy Michael knows. I think he owed him a favor, so is giving the kid a job as my assistant. I mean, he probably will fit right in, since he's experienced at restaurant management. If I went, by the time I came back, I would probably qualify as Great Lolitas Bbs his assistant," Christian explains."I see." A lull occured, as Justin comments, "So? Things are settled then?""As much as would like to go, I badgered Michael, telling him I had a responsibility to him."For a minute there, Justin looked optimistic. His feelings took a nose dive, him responding, "Oh.""But then I had to go and open my big mouth, telling him I no way in heaven would even have enough money to go to China.""Oh," Justin replied in the negative.Matter of factly, Christian puts it, "But trying to convince Michael otherwise is like trying to tell a dead horse to jump a hurdle."Justin perked up. "He did did he?""Yeah. He whips out his checkbook, clicks the top of his pen and starts writing, same time telling me he's giving me two months advanced pay.""Nice of him," Justin tells him, not having to force a smile."Sure would be. Only when I take the check, it's made out for ten grand!""What tha?" Justin acts as surprised as Christian was back at the cafe."Yeah. Ten thousand big ones.""I don't believe it," Justin says, still shocked.Jumping up out of bed, Christian goes to the dresser, opens his wallet and holds the check over the bed.Snatching it, Justin exclaims, "Mighty nice of Michael to do this!""Yeah and I thought about it. Tomorrow I'm going back and throwing it in his face!""Oh, I don't think that would be a good move at all.""But it's not right, now that I think about it," Christian tries to convince, grabbing at the check.Whisking it away, out of reach, Justin tells him, "I can't let you do that.""Why not?""Knowing Michael, you'll insult the hell out of him, Chris. I mean, you didn't say `no' to the car when he gave it to you.""This is different," Christian stated, standing there at the foot of the bed.Suddenly their little duel is interrupted when Christian's cell rings to the tune of `Unwritten'. "Hello? That's me... Oh yeah. What's up Michael?" It ran across his mind to say, `we were just talking about you', but considering the nature of the subject, it wasn't meant for Michael's ears. "Tonight? Like today's tonight?"Justins rolls his eyes, thinking what a doofus Christian can be at times."Oh. Okay. Um yeah... well, now that you mention it Michael, I'm not so sure it's a good idea that... what? Insult you?"A little giggle escaped Justin's mouth, knowing Michael probably started reaming Christian out for `insulting him', same thing they chatted about moments ago. "Well?" he asked when Christian snapped his cell phone in half."Michael.""I kind got the impression," Justin replied, especially after hearing Michael's name mentioned at least twice. "So, what's up?" he asks, sliding his hands under him, pinning back against a staged pillow against the headboard, pulling the covers up to where pubes meet navel-trail."Marty Cooperman. Michael's friend's son from Scottsdale?""Yeah. So?""He phoned Michael tonight from the airport in Yakima. He just arrived.""Oh. So he's going to the airport to pick him up then?" Justin asks, just knowing his mate is keeping something from him."Yeah well," he scratches his head, "Michael had this idea it might be nice if I was there to meet him at the airport.""Tonight? Like now?" Justin questions."Like I had a choice? He'll be by in fifteen minutes to pick me up. Sorry."An actual expression of sorrow shone on Christian's face, coupled with a sadsack smile, one Justin could not possibly react to with anger. Flinging the sheet away, he says, "We better hustle then.""You don't have to come.""I know I don't `have' to come, but supposing this guy," he steps into his boxers, bringing them up from the floor, "is a knock out? Who's going to protect you from him?"Laughing his ass off, Christian already had a mental image of Marty."What's so funny?""Nothing, except this guy's gotta be the biggest nerd that's walked this earth.""Oh?""Yeah," Christian explained, the thoughts rolling off his tongue, "I got to talk with him on the phone. First of all, he's dirt poor.""So, what's wrong with that. Look around you. We're not exactly living in the lap of luxury, Chris.""I didn't mean to put the guy down, but.... well, he can't be much to look at anyway. The guy has like nothing upstairs.""Oh? And how does that go?""Oh nothing. Just the impression I got from talking with him, then later, Michael.""You better start getting dressed," Justin tells him, followed by, "What did Michael have to say?""Nothing too much. Apparently Michael and Marty's dad had something going.""Wait. Back up a minute. Marty's dad was married and still seeing Michael on the side?""Oh no. That's not how it goes at all. Marty's mother apparently walked out on them. It's after this Winston began to wonder about another side of his sexuality.""I get it now.""You do?" Christian asks, juggling his cock and balls around before zipping up his pants.With his shirt half-buttoned up, Justin says, "It's obvious. Michael was the one who helped him come out to himself.""You look so sexy like that," Christian derailed their train of thought."Like what?" Justin asks, looking down himself.Approaching his lover, Christian begins to button up the shirt, revealing, "If we weren't in such a hurry, I'd take care of those hot nips for you!""Oh really?" Justin says, reaching down to cup Christian's jewels. "And who's going to take care of this?""Remember we settled all of that?""Nothing's set in stone," Justin replies, throwing off the principles of their top and bottom arrangement."Maybe," Christian whimsically says, as Justin continues to rub his cock through his pants.Smiling, Justin replies, "I dunno. Maybe I'll feel like getting pumped full of your sperm later!"%Copyright 2008 T. Chase McPhee This story may not be sold, nor made part of any collection, without prior consent from the author.
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